peroxideYes, the most important bottle in your house costs under a buck!

If all you know about hydrogen peroxide is that you rinsed your mouth out with it after you lost a tooth and you poured a bit on a scrape when you fell off of your bike, there’s a lot to learn. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most important, and inexpensive, items to keep around your house.

Consider putting a bottle in each of the following areas:


  • Hydrogen peroxide 3% is the best place to store your toothbrush in between brushings, as it kills bacteria you would otherwise be brushing with.
  • With a few drops applied inside the ear, peroxide can be useful in loosening up packed ear wax making that pick axe you brought into the bathroom unnecessary.
  • Periodic administration of peroxide to the ear has been reported to aide in curing colds and the flu, not to mention sinus pressure.
  • Peroxide can help clean out and improve the healing time of annoying mouth sores, especially when you repeatedly bite the inside of your cheek meal after meal.
  • A regular rinse of peroxide can not only kill mouth bacteria that commercial mouthwash leaves behind, your breath could be less toxic and your teeth cleaner.


  • Adding a cap full of peroxide to a jug of milk can prolong its shelf life!
  • Using a spray bottle of hydrogen peroxide in tandem with a spray bottle of plain white or apple cider vinegar as a two part spray on your fruits and vegetables, followed by a rinse with water, is the far superior method of cleaning your produce.
  • These two sprays do a great job at sanitizing your counter tops and wood cutting boards too, as salmonella, e. coli and shigella can’t stand a chance versus vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide is safer than chlorine bleach with no lingering taste or smell.
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