The Compounder pharmacy staff is proud of our quality record. We routinely select random samples of our preparations and subject them to a variety of testing procedures. Not only do we perform tests at the pharmacy, we regularly send samples to a number of certified laboratories to evaluate our own results.

Sterilty is a top concern of the staff who work in our clean room and we are pleased to report that over the years we have not had a single sample contaminated with any microbiological material. Our in-house results are supported by the results obtained from the other laboratories.

We also test our preparations for content and potency. The pharmaceutical industry accepts potency ranges of plus/minus 10%. Our standards allow for only plus/minus 5% – and we are usually well within that range, according to content and potentcy tests performed at third party testing labs. When we say a preparation delivers 10mg per capsule, for example, you are assured that it actually delivers 10mg.

We are regularly in the mode of developing new preparations, as well as adjustments on current formulas. In recent years we suspected a potency issue with one source of a specific medication. We prepared samples and sent them off for testing. The results from two of these “process tests” demonstrated that the raw ingredients were unable to deliver the potency we expected. The preparations we made for these process tests were not dispensed to our customers. Again, 100% of the preparations we sent for independent testing passed, not only the industry standard range, but our own internal standards.

In order to assure equivalent dose-to-dose accuracy, we roputinely perform internal tests on our dosage forms and calculate the variance from capsule-to-capsule, for example.

As of October 26th, 2012:

Tests performed on our products since November 2005: 880

Number of sterility tests performed by an independant lab: 668
Number of failures: 0

Number of sterility tests performed in-house: 3,265
Number of failures: 0

Number of potency tests performed by an independant lab: 187
Number within our acceptable range: 185
Number of process tests on potency (items not dispensed): 2

*We keep a close eye on these test results and will keep this page updated with our totals to briefly demonstrate our dedication to quality assurance testing at The Compounder.