The Compounder is a licensed pharmacy, staffed by licensed professionals who work with you and your doctor – but we don’t stock or sell all the prescription drugs you are likely to find at your local drug store. We direct our attention to nutrition, exercise, hormone balance, and pain relief.

We are not opposed to using drugs,

but we are concerned that too many people use too many drugs.

We are a family-owned business operating from Aurora, Illinois since 1983. Our website is a reference for health-conscious people who are looking for answers that don’t involve the unnecessary use of potentially harmful drugs.

Ask a doctor,Should I take vitamin supplements?The standard answer is, “If you eat a decent diet you don’t need vitamins.” They are correct. A better question is, “Can you actually get a decent diet these days?” The answer to this question isn’t as simple or straightforward.

We are regularly bombarded with advertisements, warnings, and horror stories about health issues. It’s easy to get confused.

There is a way to sort through all the screaming and shouting. Merely get an education in one of the basic health sciences (like pharmacy), add advanced training in business (like an MBA), and toss in a healthy dose of critical thinking (a degree in philosophy and ethics) along with a clear understanding of peoples’ problems (an advanced degree in social work) and you’ll find the path to better health easier to follow.

It took many years but we’ve obtained what we need to help us clear the litter from the health path. Pat and I are the pharmacists at The Compounder. We see where we have all been making mistakes by using too many drugs. We understand business, and we know how to “unpack” a story and evaluate the pieces. We have the skills and talent needed to make complex topics easy to understand.

About The Compounder Pharmacy. Larry and Pat Frieders – husband and wife team since 1971 – opened our pharmacy business in the spring of 1983. The face of pharmacy has changed over the years and we have adjusted our practice to meet the needs of our customers. Presently, we focus on the art and science of compounding, where we have the time to listen to people and work with their doctors to devise ways to make taking medicine less of a problem.

We are your Personal Health Advocates and Advisers. Unlike most retail pharmacies, ours does not offer rows of prescription medicines, over-the-counter remedies, baby food, magazines, or cosmetics. We leave that to others. We know that we cannot be all things for all people and we don’t have the expertise or capital to go head-to-head with the giant retailers who excel in large-scale merchandising and managing.

We focus on what we know best – using our skills and education to prepare customized products for those who need them and choose them over the commercially available “one size fits all” products. When someone wants a preparation that meets their individual needs, they can turn to our pharmacists.

We belong to an organization of compounding pharmacists. It is called Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA). The members work together as a networked team to help each other meet the needs of the individual.

We want to help you find solutions to your medication concerns and problems. Contact us. We can help.

The Compounder
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ph: 630-859-0333
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