earsIn 1928, Dr. Richard Simmons, deduced that colds and the flu virus enter our bodies through the ear canal. His findings were dismissed by the medical community. That seems to be a fairly common reaction to any new idea – especially in medicine.

Remarkable results have been reported in curing colds and the flu within a day when we administer a few drops of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) into each ear, where the H2O2starts working within minutes, killing the cold and flu bugs. There may be some bubbling and maybe some mild stinging. I do this myself and I can assure you that it is not painful in any way. It tickles more than anything. Just make sure the peroxide solution isn’t too cold (body temperature is best.)

Wait until the bubbling subsides – usually a few minutes – then drain onto a tissue and repeat with the other ear.

Although this practice is probably safe for infants and children, the loud bubbling and stinging may frighten them. Also, we must add the warning that you should never administer anything to an infant less than two years of age without advice from a doctor.

DO NOT get hydrogen peroxide in the eyes – if you do, flush with water.

Here’s another interesting note about ears and peroxide. Many people have also successfully used the 3% H2O2 solution in ears packed with wax, to help loosen it up after it has been soaked with oil for a few minutes (any oil will do, olive oil usually works best).