The Compounder Pharmacy is a STRESS-FREE PHARMACY & WORKPLACE.

With the outside world being as stressful as it is, and to ensure we’re dispensing the highest quality compounded medications possible, we take great strides to make sure our business environment is as stress-free as possible.

Our professional, licensed, and certified compounding pharmacy staff is fully committed to fulfilling prescription orders from licensed providers, but we are adamant about not entertaining any unnecessary stress and feel the best method to communicate how we do things is by being completely transparent with our customers and partners.

You should know what to expect when you choose your compounding pharmacy, so here is a simple description of how we operate.

So once again, let me reiterate, The Compounder Pharmacy is a STRESS-FREE PHARMACY & WORKPLACE.

What does that mean for our customers?

– It means we are not equipped to fill emergency orders on a moment’s notice.
– It means we accept cash or credit cards, and do not take any insurance or third party payment plans or programs.
– It means orders are put into the queue to be compounded and filled in the order they are received.
– It means we need three things to get an order into the queue: (1) a signed prescription from a licensed provider (aka refills), (2) payment information, and (3) the necessary ingredients in stock. If any of these aren’t available, the order is not entered into the queue until they are acquired.
– It means we only compound sterile products on Tuesdays and Thursdays and schedule the workload as far in advance as possible.
– It means we prefer communicating in writing through text message or email, to ensure accountability on both sides.
– It means we do not answer incoming phone calls, but are readily available during business hours through our HIPAA compliant textline or via email. You may also choose to leave a voicemail. We check voicemails every few hours. We will return your call when able.
– It means if we did not confirm receipt of an order, we did not receive an order.
– It means once we have everything we need to fill the order, most orders are ready for pick up or shipped within 48 hours.
– It means we take our time in order to do it right the first time.
– It means we will correct any error we are responsible for.
– It means we have no control over the number of orders in front of you, or the workload of delivery drivers, or the exact time packages will arrive.
– It means we have no control over the post office or any package that is requested to be shipped via the post office.
– It means we do not ship temperature-sensitive packages out on Fridays without making and confirming arrangements for Saturday Delivery.
– It means we are closed after 5 pm Monday through Thursday, after 2:30 pm on Friday, all day Saturday and Sunday, and on holidays. Our holiday schedule is always up to date on our website:
– It means we are human and deserve to be treated with the same respect that we treat our customers with. Please read this again.
– It means we will always do our best to provide the highest level of service possible, as we have since opening in 1983.

What does that mean for our healthcare partners?

– It means we need patient-specific prescription orders in writing, every time.
– It means if we receive a prescription left over voicemail, we will do our best to transcribe that message as it was left, and then send it back to you in writing and request it be sent to us via fax, email, text, e-script, or through our online RX portal located at In the words of our favorite pharmacy auditor, “you can’t scan a voicemail for errors”.
– It means we do not fill prescriptions for a provider that was also written by that provider.
– It means we have no grey area, and we follow the letter of the law.
– It means prescriptions are valid for one year from the date of writing, with controlled substance prescriptions good for six months.
– It means all narcotic orders require a signed hard copy to be received prior to the order being dispensed.

We pride ourselves in our ability to communicate and we hope the joy our business brings us brings you a bit of calm when utilizing our services. We know you have a choice where you spend your money, and we hope that by communicating how we do business you will choose to work with a stress free pharmacy like The Compounder.

When you work with our pharmacy, it means we both agree to do our best to add the least amount of stress to each other’s lives. There’s plenty of stress everywhere else.

Joel Frieders, CEO
The Compounder Pharmacy
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voicemail: 630-859-0333
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