We do not accept third party payment plans; insurance or government.
We will supply a Universal Claim Form with every human prescription. It lists the active ingredients and their NDC (National Drug Code) numbers and the amount used in the compounded prescription. You may submit this to your insurance to see if they will reimburse you.
In our experience, most, if not all compounded prescription insurance claims are denied.
If they are not flat out denied, they request that you contact your compounding pharmacy and get a list of every ingredient in the compound, as well as the amount of each ingredient, and the COST of each ingredient.
There are many reasons why we do not divulge proprietary cost information to large insurance corporations. One major reason is to protect ourselves from giving out private financial information that has no impact on the clinical use of the medication that was prescribed, compounded, and dispensed.
Also, if the cost of each ingredient was provided to your insurance company, most fine print reads that you would be reimbursed based on the “cost of the medication”, meaning merely the chemicals used in compounding. Let’s say a month’s supply of your medication cost you $30.00, but the chemicals inside that prescription came out to $1.00, would all of the work that went into that Rx be worth a reimbursement of a percentage of $1.00? Insurance companies do not currently include a line item for the labor, facilities, equipment, and professional licenses that went into the compounding and dispensing of that medication.
Imagine having a repair done on your car that was supposed to be covered by insurance, but they only covered 60% of the fender, and the labor remained un-paid. Would you be satisfied with your coverage in that case? Mechanics provide a valuable service, and auto insurance understands all that goes into a repair, and you DO have both the parts and the labor covered in your claim.
Unfortunately, health insurance ignores that compounding requires skilled and licensed labor, certified and maintained equipment, state of the art and clean facilities, and other things like pill bottles, or vials, or capsules, and labels, and boxes, and bags, and all the other things that go into delivering a prescription to you.
Should you or your doctor request a list of ingredients, we will surely assist you, because some excipients (the non-active ingredients in a compound) could be seen as a potential source of irritation or sensitivity for some customers. That’s why we’re here.
If you have any further questions, shoot us an email via this ASK LARRY link.