Of all the things that can make you “sick to your stomach”, morning sickness is probably one of the saddest.

Here you are, expecting a wonderful gift and you feel like throwing up every day. It seems ironinc and cruel. However, it is not unusual. Your body is adjusting to major changes – more nutritional needs, added weight, worries about tommorrow, and all those additional hormones. It all adds up to a stress-filled time.

While it is indeed common to look to a drug for relief, now is not the time to start introduicing another chemical into your body – or your baby’s.

What if you could use a simple, natural product to calm down the queasy feelings?  What if it was safe for you and your baby? Would you want to try it? Of course.
I’ve reported on such a product. However, I must include the standard warning for anything used by a pregnant person. Be sure your doctor approves of the product before using it. Yes, these are safe products. Regardless, your doctor knows you and your situation better than I do and the responsibility for a healthy baby rests with you and your doctor, not me.