Question: My grandson has had digestive problems since he was an infant. (Diarrhea in particular) He has these blow out diapers and now he’s 3 and they still don’t have any definitive answers. Their pediatrician recommended taking him off dairy products, which they did. He hasn’t had any milk (drinks soy milk), cheese, yogurt (eats Silk brand soy yogurt).

He still has these blow outs and now they are going to see if he has food allergies. He reacts not only to dairy, but to sweets as well and fruit.

Any ideas?

Larry’s Response: Dairy is often a cause for gastric problems. It is usually associated with lactose. The dairy protein, whey, is responsible for other allergic-type reactions (rashes, eczema, psoriasis, etc.) If the stomach problems persist after stopping dairy, then look for other sources of lactose. Since he still has the blowouts, I doubt you’ve discovered the actual problem.

Sadly, switching to soy products is one of the worst possible things to do. The soy acts in many people as a type of estrogen (female hormones). There are many reports of feminization in males, early puberty in girls, and very early development of secondary sex characteristics (breasts, hair, etc.). I’ve published a lot regarding the dangers of soy. See our website, enter SOY in the search box. Personally, I avoid every soy product and so does everyone in our family.

Look at other food substances that are connected with gastric distress; high fructose corn syrup (in almost every soda, juice, and flavored substance that is sweet), most sugars, and artificial sweeteners. Fruit is high in fructose – a sugar and not much better than HFCS. The current recommendations for food include large amounts of fruits and vegetables. That is wrong, especially knowing how modern produce is grown, fertilized, and processed.

The “official” food pyramid is extremely dangerous.

Has your grandson ever taken an antibiotic – for anything? If so, there is a strong likelihood that he has unbalanced the bacterial system in his gut. He would do well to start taking a quality probiotic. We sell Florajen and it is one of my favorites. There’s a children’s version, but any strength is perfectly fine. The more the better.

Our kids have been feeding probiotics to our grandkids since they stopped breastfeeding. As a matter of fact, the probiotics are necessary even if he has never taken an antibiotic (unlikely that he has escaped modern medicine for three years). Florajen is tasteless and can be mixed with anything. I’d suggest starting with two doses a day, then cut back to once daily for the rest of his life. I suggest probiotics for everyone – all of the time.

I would not subject the kid, nor the family, to food allergy testing. Blowout diarrhea is not commonly associated with an allergic reaction. It may be a sensitivity, but it is probably not an allergy. The parents can do a better job themselves. Begin a process of elimination. Stop something and observe for a week. Then, put it back in, wait a week, then try another substance.Parents should keep a detailed written diary. It is almost miraculous what you can learn when you review facts.

Good luck.