breastfeedingThere are two additional vitamins that have pretty much been forgotten. A study published in 1952 described the very positive benefits obtained by moms who consumed relatively small amounts of vitamin C and vitamin K. In fact, the report showed that 91% of the women (64 out of 70 women) who used these vitamins “…reported complete disappearance of morning sickness within three days.”Three of the women studied reported that they had no improvement at all. It seems that the study has all but been forgotten because I never heard about using vitamins C and K for morning sickness.

VITAMIN C The study reported that the moms took 25mg of vitamin C and 5mg of vitamin K. It might not be easy to find vitamin C in that small a dose. Larger doses are not harmful and can be used, but some people experience mild stomach discomfort when they take vitamin C. I suspect that a queasy mom might find the additional discomfort more than she would like to bear – adding a substance that makes you queasy in order to relieve queasiness seems counter-productive. It seems prudent to find a source of vitamin C in small doses – the 25mg from the study seems appropriate. After the nausea problem subsides mom might be able to increase her vitamin C intake with the approval of her doctor.

VITAMIN K What about the vitamin K? The original study used vitamin K3 and it is only available by prescription these days. Vitamin K1 may be purchased without a prescription, however. Doses of vitamin K3 are 2 to 3 times higher than K1 because of difficulties encountered with absorption from the gut. The two vitamins must be taken at the very same time. If they’re taken at different times of day, the treatment doesn’t work at all.

Here’s a suggestion for obtaining exactly the doses studied back in 1952. Call on the services of your compounding pharmacist. He or she is licensed and has special training and skills to make what the patient needs – which is frequently those medicines that are not readily available off the drugstore shelf. These specialists obtain pure ingredients and make preparations that exactly meet your needs (as prescribed by your doctor).

EXPERTS AGREE I have recently read about the almost-forgotten treatment in Dr. Jonathan Wright’s newsletter. He writes,

…vitamin K and C treatment has given complete relief to every pregnant woman I’ve worked with whose experienced any degree of nausea and vomiting. And all of the babies born to these mothers have done well. Natural vitamin K is safe for developing infants, and it’s actually given to babies immediately after birth to prevent hemorrhagic disease of the newborn, which is actually a manifestation of vitamin K deficiency.

If morning sickness is a problem – or even if a new mom has just a remote “inkling” that she might have that kind of problem, it would be prudent to ask the doctor for a prescription for compounded vitamin C, 25 mg, and vitamin K3, 5mg. One capsule daily for 30 days might be enough to push aside the problems. After this brief time mom will be using her pre-natal vitamins daily and will be getting the nutrients she needs – and she’ll be eating better. If the morning visitor is still active after 30 days mom can continue using this formulation of important, but low dose supplements.

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