breastfeedingA CUSTOM FORMULATION FOR MOM Let’s take this just a step further and include the vitamin B6. Then, to complete the mini formulation, your compounding pharmacist can add 800mcg to 1mg of folic acid – recently established to be necessary for fetal development. A trained compounder can wrap these ingredients in a filler material that will release the supplements slowly after swallowing. This can further reduce any stomach irritation mom might experience.

Here’s a suggested formula;

  • Vitamin B6 25mg
  • Vitamin C 25mg
  • Vitamin K3 5mg
  • Folic Acid 1mg
  • In a slow release filler

Of course, your compounding pharmacist can adjust any of the ingredients as per your doctor’s prescription. You are not confined to one formula because one-size-does-NOT-fit all. Each person is unique and his or her personal needs can be met by a compounder.

CONCLUSION Doesn’t this seem like a simple, safe solution to a common – unpleasant – situation? The benefits were reported 57 years ago but that shouldn’t invalidate them. We all hear it often on television, “ask your doctor if this might be right for you”. In this circumstance mom would be asking about a simple supplement of essential vitamins that will help over that short rough spot.

REFERENCE Here’s the citation for the study. Merkel RL. The use of menadione bisulfite and ascorbic acid in the treatment of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy. Am J Obstet Gynecol 1952;64:4168.