Compounders on the Defense – AGAIN.

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The Medscape* headline reads,“‘GROWING CONCERN’; INCORRECT DOSES OF COMPOUNDED LEVOTHYROXINE.” Levothyroxine is also known as T4 (Trade Name is Synthroid), used in treating thyroid issues. Liothyronine is T3 (Trade Name is Cytomel). How did the authors study the “Compounded Levothyroxine” products? "Among the 12 samples, including six from pharmacies and six from student pharmacists, the [...]

Painful Feet. Could it be Chilblains?

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Linda has had painful feet for more than a decade. A clear diagnosis eluded her doctors for years. Fortunately, she had an appointment with an older doctor who had actually practiced for most of his career in the northern parts of Europe.  Rather than conducting a battery of tests, the new doctor actually talked to [...]

Does a HEALTHY Woman Need Drugs?

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Janice is healthy. She's 62 years of age and is concerned about the drugs she has been prescribed. Her sister is 5 years older and isn't using any drugs. Janice wants to know how she can be more like her older sister. Janice is taking the following drugs; Alendronate (Fosamax) see information about Actonel Nexium [...]

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