What’s He Angry About?

I think Dr. Jack Wolfson is making a point in a recent post by being openly harsh. Rather than advocating “being angry at…..”, he is most likely grabbing his readers by the lapels and shaking – “Wake up and check it out. It’s your job to know the world you live in.” Sadly, the vast majority of us haven’t felt motivated to “question everything”, but now is the time to double down on our mistrust and take stock of what’s happening to our health.

You must read Dr. Woflson’s post.

Dr. Wolfson is spot on with all of his points and we have nobody to blame but ourselves. Yes, I suppose we could point fingers and blame someone “out there”, but what would that accomplish? The better approach would be to take responsibility and work at doing a better job from this moment on. Adults are fully capable of making better decisions, from watching less news to eating less sugar and putting the brakes on gulping down so many drugs. Mostly, though, we need to stop falling in line with every command from every presumed expert that rises to a platform of authority (legitimate or otherwise).

Our responsibility as an adult.

We’ve all been groomed for a role in a world of obedience to the system. It’s worked exceptionally well for at least a century. Today, though, we have magic tools we can use to identify the fallacies and choose better paths. We can realize we have the sum total of all human knowledge in our pocket and take steps to use it for our betterment – not just our entertainment. The cell phone might not replace paper books, but it is certainly an excellent tool at my side to help me read the new Ben Shapiro book – I could just ask Siri, “What does teleology mean?”

In the end, we can be angry at others, but to what benefit?