Statins Linked to Muscle, Joint Problems, the headline reads.

No surprise there.

We have KNOWN about the negative effects of statins for a decade or more. An eerie aspect is that the statin itself might not be the direct culprit.

LOW CHOLESTEROL is actually harmful.

Cholesterol is THE substance we use to make hormones and other vital substances. The miracle is that we can absorb carbohydrates and turn the pieces into cholesterol, which then can be used to generate the stuff we need, when we need it UNLESS something blocks the process. Statins block the process. Soreness is a result of low cholesterol levels.

Not only have I known these details – and have worked my butt off telling everyone I can – but the drug makers themselves know about the damage their drugs cause – and choose to keep them on the market because they make tons of money from them. Statins also deplete CoQ10 – a substance that maintains our heart health. All people on statins should be using CoQ10 every day. Few do. Sadly, MSD (“Makers of Statin Drugs”) have also known about this and once thought about making a combination drug that could help relieve the heart problem. There is hard evidence (reports, memos, emails, etc.) that shows that the companies decided to ignore their own evidence, keep selling their statins, and not even tell doctors about the CoQ10 issue.

The revenue stream is more important to drug makers than anything.

Nobody NEEDS a statin drug, yet almost everyone takes one. In addition to muscles, joints, and the heart, low cholesterol is directly linked to mental confusion and dementia.

I know the answer to better health – and so do you – and it does NOT require drugs.

I stay licensed as a pharmacist to add something to my credibility in my fight to eliminate the use of statin drugs in the world.