Somehow the truth stays the same. Fibs have a tendency to change and grow (Pinocchio’s nose, etc.).

That’s what I look for when I analyze something. If a diagnosis, for example, needs to be modified and “tweaked” there’s a greater chance that the whole thing is bogus.

Multiple Sclerosis isn’t a disease, but doctors want it to be. There are numerous categories and sub-categories and each might have a different symptoms set and different DRUGS to treat it. There’s relapsing, remitting, relapsing/remitting, progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy, and others. That tells me that THEY don’t know what they’re talking about.

A story… When I was in graduate school at Loyola I was on a committee to interview a new professor. He was a Jesuit who had been working for the government designing the ICD9-CM, a diagnostic guide – full of codes for every little thing. He said they were reviewing SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). It is a terrible situation, but sometimes the baby did NOT die, yet all of the associated symptoms were present. It wasn’t “officially” SIDS. The decision was made to call it SIDS Syndrome – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Syndrome. The devil is in the details and that silly diagnostic code proves it – SIDSS. The new version of that document is thousands of pages of gibberish and it is useless, as most doctors use a dozen or so codes instead of the details. They often pick the ones that pay the best. The government can adjust expenses by shifting reimbursement fees for specific codes. The doctors soon discover the changes and use different codes – all the same as before but with different codes.

Cholesterol itself doesn’t CAUSE any problems. Low cholesterol is deadly. Elevated cholesterol is more of a symptom than a problem. It marks when a person has uncontrolled stress and inflammation. But, heaven forbid if anyone would treat those things. The system is still broken and the pieces are getting smaller.

Just recently the AMA declared obesity a disease. Cool? Maybe. Until you realize that the only official/legal ways to treat a disease is with drugs, surgery, or radiation.

Also, now that fatness is an official disease it has its own codes and reimbursement programs.

If all of those diseases, categories, and sub-categories are true it suggests that the human body is made wrong. I don’t think it is.

Pay attention to drug commercials on TV. They usually tell the truth, yet people suck the products down by the handfuls. Millions of people take drugs that will make them uncomfortable, cause pain, and increase the risk of death. Millions of others take drugs that make them suicidal or murderous. A bunch of people take both kinds at the same time. Cocktails for disaster.

There’s a poison in every potion. The poisons are killing those who use the drugs and the rest of us as well. They excrete into our environment and we consume their leftover drugs. Cool system?  Yes, for the medical complex. They treat the diseases we cause ourselves by living the way we do. Drug company stock never goes down in the long run. Never. Young people can get rich merely by investing in drugs on a regular basis – and it makes no difference which companies I’m talking about.

Some of us are becoming members of a very elite tribe – those of us who reject the system and all of its intricacies. Good on us.