Ask Larry:

Question: I have a quick question about the Estrodim available on your website. Are there any known adverse side effects (for men) of which to be aware when taking this supplement?

Also, I will be ordering the VersaSkin oily/problem product for my daughter, but is this the best product/supplement for blackheads and whiteheads?

Larry’s Response: Estrodim contains two aromatase inhibitors, which are intended to block the back formation of estriol from testosterone. This is a good thing, particularly for men.

Excess estriol formation can add weight, change body shape, and cause a myriad of other changes that most men would prefer to avoid.

Regarding your skin question: I don’t know of any topical cream products that are useful in treating blackheads and whiteheads. These are both similar skin eruptions and are usually associated with oiliness.

Blackheads are more open and accumulate environmental grime, causing the black color. Whiteheads are more closed and don’t absorb grime. Also, blackheads are often found in association with the oil glands around hair follicles.

The only treatments I know of are regular cleansing with mild soap – not detergent. No scrubbing and patting dry instead of rubbing dry. Some commercial products also contain exfolliants such as clay, salt, sugar, and so on. For most people, those are just too harsh.

Another important treatment approach is diet. In the past we all worried about too much grease in the food. Instead of grease and oil, carbohydrates are the most likely causes. That includes all processed food, all sugars, all grains/bread. Even milk can be a problem when it contains bovine estrogen (which most of it does).

In a nutshell, eliminate known causes and perform regular gentle cleansing.