Ask Larry:

Question: I am interested in bioidentical hormones. My gynocologist put me on hormone replacement and I had a reaction to it. I have many symptoms. Do you recommend the siliva test to start with? Also, do I need to schedule an appointment?

Larry’s Response: When hormone replacement is necessary, the bioidentical approach is far superior. I no longer suggest saliva or blood testing for hormone evaluation because I have found by experience that the answer is usually the same regardless of what the lab values are.

Most people – women AND men – are estrogen dominant. That means they experience effects caused by excess estrogen activity. That doesn’t mean too much or too little estrogen. It usually means insufficient amounts of progesterone.

I also no longer do formal consultations because, again, the answer is usually the same.

Estrogen activity (from pesticides, plastic, preservatives, beef, milk, household chemicals, yard chemicals, and so on) describes a form of toxicity that can usually be balanced by using progesterone cream on a regular basis according to a specific schedule.

For example;
Apply 20mg once daily for days 1 through 12.
Apply 20mg twice daily for days 13 through 26.
Start again on day one.
If having cycles, day one is the first day of the period. Otherwise, a calendar is a great method for keep track.

For men, we suggest 10mg daily, 6 days a week.

This seems too easy for many people, especially those who want tests and special formulations.

I prefer simple and inexpensive. A pumper of progesterone cream costs about $34.00 and lasts over two months. It works as well as the complicated and expensive BHRT preparations – usually better. Of course, there are always situations that can violate this simpler approach. I think it is best to start simple and get more details if necessary.