Wayne asked, “Are there any positive reports of using low-dose naltrexone
[LDN] for the treatment of psoriasis?”
I receive questions similar to this often and my first response is usually, “Give it a try. What do you have to lose?”Instead of any published reports, I responded to Wayne with my conclusions, based on what I know about psoriasis and LDN.

There are many indications that psoriasis, especially exacerbations (outbreaks), are connected to immune system imbalance (See Autoimmune Ruse). In that respect, psoriasis is similar to other chronic conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, irritable bowel disease, and arthritis. Those conditions, and many others, seem to respond well to LDN and I suspect that psoriasis is no different. I am not suggesting that LDN cures anything, but there is strong evidence that it helps alleviate symptoms of the disease. Furthermore, it is inexpensive and doesn’t have many side effects associated with it (the most prominent negative effect is in people who are using opioid – narcotics).

I’d endorse using LDN for treating psoriasis. The chances are good that it will help and the downsides are minimal.

To read more about Low Dose Naltrexone, visit: https://thecompounder.com/what-is-low-dose-naltrexone/