The conversations are becoming more frantic and people are raising questions about using iodine supplements as a protection from radioactive iodine I 131. Some folks are upset that our president is recommending that we do something about the dangers by “taking a chill pill”.
I’m sorry to say that I do not stock chill pills, but my son may know a guy.I’ve been watching, thinking, researching, thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking. I had decided to just ignore the whole thing, and just keep quiet. But, that’s not like me.
Here are my reasons and conclusions;

1. Our president isn’t stupid.
  • Our president has many advisers who are probably as smart or smarter than he is.
  • I conclude that those guys wouldn’t directly lie to us. Maybe I’m gullible. I don’t think so.
2. IF there is a nuclear disaster, using iodine might ONLY protect my thyroid gland. The rest of me would be toast, but my thyroid might fair better.
3. Improper use of iodine – especially potassium iodide – is really dangerous.

  • It can cause a serious event called thyroid storm.
  • It is a hideous situation and isn’t curable.
  • The victim spikes a VERY high fever, becomes delirious, has convulsions and seizures, and probably dies.
  • If death does not come, the victim will spend the rest of his/her life without a thyroid. That isn’t a good option to an unlikely risk.

4. I’ve turned away prescriptions for potassium iodide because I didn’t think the patient or the doctor actually knew what they were doing. One was acting from fear and panic. The other was just going along with the crowd of people running for the hills.

5. I agree with Mr. Obama.
6. Don’t worry. Don’t panic. Don’t take iodine supplements.
7. Find something better to do with your time.