This post is in response to THIS article.

Is this author ignorant or intentionally trying to mislead readers?Ignorance can be “cured”. It may take effort, but the results are excellent. Intentionally misleading someone is an evil act, deserving of punishment. I hope this article was written by an ignorant person. We certainly don’t need more liars.
The title, “How Progesterone Increases Breast Cancer Risk” is untrue and misleading. The story is NOT about progesterone. Using literary sleight-of-hand, the writer suggests something sinister about progesterone, then shifts gears and discusses, “…hormone replacement therapy with combined estrogen plus progestin compared to women receiving estrogen alone”.

The words look similar and even sound similar, but the substances are not. Progesterone is a human hormone, produced in the body and present throughout life – and levels rise dramatically during pregnancy. Each of us literally swam in a sea of progesterone before we were born. Progesterone is technically in the family of progestins. It is a balancing hormone, necessary for growth, development, and nurturing. The progestin in the study was medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA), a synthetic progestin by which nobody has ever been nurtured.

Regardless of how much someone wants us to believe that MPA and progesterone are “the same”, the facts just don’t support it. Equating MPA to progesterone is akin to equating a bicycle with a hot rod motorcycle. Both are cycles with 2 in-line wheels, but no one with any sense would think the two are the same.