Ask Larry:

Question: I keep reading the word “Soy Lecithin” or just “Lecithin” on every box of food I come across in my pantry. What is Lecithin? Is it bad?

Larry’s Response: Bad? NOPE!

I do not think soy is a healthy food.

In fact, it isn’t food at all. It is a genetically modified plant that has become a darling in the food and nutrient industry. Not only have “they” manipulated the soy genetic material, the plants themselves are regularly sprayed and bathed in chemicals to ward off pests. No amount of rain or rinsing will remove these substances. The toxins end up in whatever final soy product hits the market.

But, what about some of the substances that are derived from the soy plant? Lecithin, for example.

Maybe I should be concerned bout it. Maybe not.

I’ve done some research on your question and posted the answer here: What is Lecithin? Is it bad?