It’s a German word for health that is often uttered by others after a person sneezes. It doesn’t translate to “God Bless You”, but it conveys the same message. Ironically, few of us utter a sound when someone yawns, or coughs, or perform some other involuntary acts.

Sneezes are special and there is a long history associated with them. Regardless of the myths, most of us feel “charged” after a sneeze, especially if we let it rip. The story changes when one sneeze follows another, repeatedly, hour after hour. Nobody likes that and people won’t want to continue blessing you or saying, “Gesundheit”. They may be ready to scream, “STOP THAT”.

Sneezing is involuntary, so we can’t just stop it at will. What to do?

For me, I just had to prepare for an attack regardless of the time of year.