Ask Larry:

Question: My mother (77 years old) contracted C-DIFF when she was in the Hospital. Now the doctor wants her to go on Vancomycin (pills that cost 1600 to 2000$. Liquid form at half cost). This is “very” costly on retirement. Is there a Herbal-Supplement-Natural product that’s alot cheaper. What can you recommend?

Larry’s Response:
I responded personally, but Mark’s email server rejected the response. Here’s what I wrote.

Everyone has C-Diff in their gut. It becomes active when the gut bacteria is out of balance. It is referred to as an opportunistic organism. A study years ag (at a VA hospital) showed that proper gut care while in the hospital prevented the overgrowth of C-Diff. They used moderate amounts of probiotics. That’s a place to start. Use a good probiotic 3 to 4 times daily. It should contain bifidus. One very good brand is Florajen 3. I’d think 2 capsules 4 times daily on an empty stomach would be very helpful – even if you decide to use the Vancomycin.

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In addition to the probiotic itself, you may also want to use Saccharomyces Boulardii.

It is also important to avoid substances that can “feed” the C-Diff, such as sugars, white flour, and anything that contains gluten. These may not all be direct “food” for the offending organisms, but they promote inflammation.
All of these products should be taken with clean water, on an empty stomach.

Note, that I am not suggesting ignoring the doctor’s orders. It is vitally important for patient and physician to work together to resolve problems. The above information has been demonstrated to work for many cases. It is a natural alternative to a long course of antibiotics.