Article by Dr. Kent Holtorf
The “Pill” May Be to Blame

After decades in the health “business”, I am regularly faced with situations that can only be described as comical. That probably isn’t the best word because, regardless of how strange or “funny” it seems, I must remember that it is about someone’s health, their life.

The health industry just celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Birth Control Pill. Yes, the combination of synthetic estrogens and progestins has been successful in preventing pregnancy. It has also been the reason for many health issues that should have been foreseen before it hit the market, a half-century ago. For whatever reasons, the negative aspects of oral contraceptives are overshadowed. The drugs are more popular than ever before, even as the list of potentially harmful effects continues to grow – but the sales and profits continue to grow.

One “benefit” expected from using the Pill is that a woman could engage in sexual activity without fear of pregnancy. That supposedly freed her to enjoy her sexuality every day – just like a man. Their partners also rejoiced because they could enjoy their wants without fear of the outcomes.  While pregnancy was mostly avoided, there were other consequences that many believe are far worse. What about sexually transmitted diseases?

But there is something even more ruinous to a sexual relationship. Recent studies demonstrate that there is yet another fly in the birth control pudding – a lack of sexual desire. Yes, the Pill seems to inhibit libido. Isn’t that ironic? The woman may now enjoy sex as often as her partners – but she no longer wants to. That’s ironic and funny –  unless you’re the man who expects intimacy or the woman who no longer finds it interesting. I wonder what people expect when they “mess with Mother Nature.”

Really, though, don’t you think this is sad?