Question: I have seen 4 different doctors in the past year and all of them have been stuck on labs and really don’t make any adjustments based on the way I feel. I tend to want to make the changes based on the way I feel and the doctors keep complaining that I am making changes too fast. I keep hoping to find such a dotcor. I am tired of feeling crummy and “out of whack”. Any suggestions for finding a doc that will change medications based on how I feel and not just by looking at these labs?

Larry’s Response: Doctors usually act from ignorance and fear. They aren’t taught many basic health things and they are deathly afraid of lawsuits. I find some of the more reasonable doctors to be DOs. It seems the MD degree is likely to stand for “More Dumb”.

Your health is 100% up to you. Make demands on your providers. Do not allow them to treat you like a number. Insist that your provider help you FEEL the way you want. Ignore lab tests as much as possible. Most of them are foolish. Tell that to a doctor. If he/she agrees you may have found your new provider.

We can’t offer much help in finding you a doctor specifically, but our page on Finding a Doctor might help.