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What would happen if I took two LDN capsules?

January 12th, 2016|Blog|

After numerous adjustments, Dr. Bernard Bihari decided that 3mg of Naltrexone Hydrochloride at bedtime was able to enhance a patient's response to infection by HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. As the commercial versions of Naltrexone Hydrochloride available are in the 50mg range, Dr. Bihari referred to his treatment as Low Dose Naltrexone, or LDN. [...]

Calling on Farmers to Grow Hemp

December 30th, 2015|Blog|

Cannabis is popular these days, mainly because of the interest in marijuana (cannabis sativa) for medical purposes. Yes, marijuana is being legalized. Pioneer states, like Colorado are demonstrating that legal pot can be a lucrative business, which will ease a state’s tax woes. Other states, later to the party, are reporting slower starts. A recent [...]

’tis the Season!

November 30th, 2015|Blog|

Temperatures are falling around here and we’re spending more time indoors with groups of people. While our shopping expeditions, family gatherings, office parties, dinners at restaurants, and even visiting someone in the hospital can be occasions for joy, they are also our best opportunities to “pick up a bug”. Colds and the flu are more [...]

Bee Venom Therapy

October 26th, 2015|Blog|

What the heck is Bee Venom Therapy? Because we raise bees and harvest honey (Aurora Bee Company) we are often asked about using bees for the treatment (cure) of numerous chronic health conditions; arthritis, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, and so on. Stories and “reports” abound on the internet. Every few months there seems to be an [...]

Ask Larry: Probiotic Contraindications

October 14th, 2015|Blog|

Ask Larry: Your Question: Are there any contraindications to using a probiotic while taking Rapamune and Cellcept for renal transplant? Larry's Response: Probiotics remain IN the gut and are not absorbed into the body. There are no probiotics in the blood, ever. The drugs you mentioned work inside the body. That means there is no specific interaction between [...]

Ask Larry: Slow or Extended Release Medicine

October 12th, 2015|Blog|

Ask Larry: Your Question: In regards to your slow release T3 for hypothyroidism, is it the capsule shell that makes the T3 slow release or the actual powder contents themselves? Larry's Response: The slow release nature of the dosage form is a combination of the capsule shape and the cellulose used as a filler. The [...]

Sleep Issues

October 12th, 2015|Blog|

Quality sleep is almost a universal problem. My experience in the health field suggests that vast numbers of adults suffer from both of these problems. It is a rare week when I’m not asked if I “have something to help me sleep.” Some of us have trouble falling asleep at bedtime while others find it [...]

Ask Larry: Can you recommend me a doctor?

October 5th, 2015|Blog|

Ask Larry: Your Question: Is there some liability in providing names of physicians that use your phamacy for compounding when it comes to treating hypothryroid? I belong to a support group and a member was at another nearby compounding pharmacy and they provided her with doctor information. I know Walgreens here in my town didn't [...]

Have you read your prescription’s package insert?

September 28th, 2015|Blog|

There must be one specific FDA taskforce reviewing the package inserts of prescription drugs. Recently, we’ve seen dramatic changes regarding possible negative effects. Basically, prescription drugs are far more dangerous than we’re led to believe. The FDA is catching up on their part and forcing drug makers to include much more information. Regardless of how [...]

Ask Larry: Incontinence and Hormone Imbalance

September 21st, 2015|Blog|

Ask Larry: Your question: What hormone imbalance would you say affects incontinence? Larry's Response:  The general term incontinence includes urgency, frequency, and leakage. Many causes have been identified, but some of the most common are associated with hormone imbalance - and loss of muscle tone (associated with aging) Estrogen depletion can contribute to problems. Common prescription [...]

Low Estrogen and Progesterone Intolerance

September 7th, 2015|Blog|

Ask Larry:  Your Question: I am wondering of you could tell me your opinion on what might cause estrogen to stay abnormally low a year after having a baby. My conditions are: mthfr (hetero), COMT (hetero), Crohn's but no symptoms with supplements and diet, chronic low estrogen and progesterone. I have a total intolerance for [...]

Cinderella Paleo and The Compounder

September 2nd, 2015|Blog|

I attended a dinner Sunday evening at a very nice banquet facility in Aurora. There were several hundred people in attendance. Dan, an attendee, was explaining how he’s been adjusting his diet, getting his weight under control, to relieve some of the pressure on his back, which he injured several years ago. Dan stands well [...]

​​Biotin for MS?

August 31st, 2015|Blog|

Researchers regularly report how their recent findings could benefit people who suffer from debilitating chronic conditions, such as Multiple Sclerosis. The focus today is on BIOTIN, a vitamin in the B-Vitamin class, yet sometimes referred to as Vitamin H or coenzyme R. It acts as a coenzyme (a nonprotein compound necessary for the functioning of [...]

SSRI Drugs – More Harm Than Good?

August 6th, 2015|Blog|

SERENDIPITY, making fortunate discoveries by accident. I read a note on Facebook about an organization focused on stopping smoking bans, especially the ones imposed by government fiat. I happen to agree that a majority of the bans are based on bad science and they are intrusions into personal liberties. One piece of information caught my attention. [...]