Ah toothpaste, that wondrous, minty fresh goop we’ve all come to accept as one of the wonders of modern civilization. Yet just because a person playing a dentist on television tells us he recommends one brand over another, should we really trust that it is perfectly safe?

It’s one thing to be completely paranoid by avoiding anything potentially harmful like the plague and then there’s cautious, educated and aware. We find it important to know what’s in the products you slather on your brush and scrub into your gums once or twice a day, so here are 4 quick facts about the ingredients in the toothpaste you might be using:

  1. Silica, otherwise known as sand, can leave your teeth beachy clean!
  2. Fluoride can cause structural changes to the kidneys and brain in rats and there have been studies on whether the use of fluoride may be linked to a number of central nervous system issues like Alzheimers and ADD in humans.
  3. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) is a skin and mouth irritant, which can cause canker sores in some people.
  4. Glycerin is sticky and difficult to rinse away. It remains in your mouth and may be a cause of bad morning breath.

So the toothpaste in your bathroom uses sand, effects your pet rats, gives you a canker sore and may actually further your sticky stinky morning mouth experience . Is there an alternative to toothpaste? Yes.

It might seem silly to imagine actually washing your mouth out with soap rather than toothpaste, but you remember all of those ingredients with potential side effects? Using a tooth SOAP would allow you to avoid all of the glycerin, sweeteners, sand, fluoride, dyes, SLS and stabilizers that can potentially damage your teeth and health!

We were one of the first pharmacies to recommend using Tooth Soap almost ten years ago. We still stock it and it’s still the same price!

Our teeth ought to be cleaned a couple of times each day. Consider using Tooth Foam or Ipsab powder instead of toothpaste.