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I’ve been using this Tooth Soap and I am very impressed. The first time I tried it I noticed that my teeth felt clean – and smooth. I brushed again before bed that night as usual, but I used Perfect Prescription Tooth Soap instead of the “natural” toothpaste we had. In the morning, my teeth still felt smooth – not at all sticky. In addition, “morning breath” was not very bad at all. I continued to use the soap for a few nights and then decided to try the toothpaste again. My teeth felt clean. Nevertheless, in the morning, I had a surprise – the sticky mouth and dragon breath had returned. I quickly switched back to my  Tooth Soap and tossed out all the tubes of toothpaste we had. We are NOT going back.

We haven’t used commercial toothpaste in our house since we discovered  Tooth Soap in 2004. I’ve been particularly impressed with the lack of “morning mouth.” I brush at bedtime and my teeth still fee smooth and clean when I get up in the morning. That never happened when I used toothpaste. The stickiness is caused by incomplete rinsing and removal of glycerin – a substance added to commercial toothpaste. Glycerin coats the teeth and oral cavity. While it is soluble in water, it is not easy to rinse away. Glycerin is not added to Tooth Soap.

Another chemical missing from Tooth Soap is sodium lauryl sulfate (also known as sodium laurilsulfate or sodium dodecyl sulfate 

[SDS or NaDS]). It is an inexpensive foaming detergent that removes oils from the skin and it can be irritating to the sensitive tissue inside and around the mouth. It is directly related to mouth sores, canker sores, and cold sores. After replacing commercial toothpaste with Tooth Soap I no longer experience cold sores.

My dental hygienist commented on how well my teeth and gums looked at my last visit. She was astounded when I told her I only used soap on my teeth.

****We stopped selling the shards of Tooth Soap a few years ago, and now we use our own Tooth Foam, which we find easier to use and much .

Our teeth ought to be cleaned a couple of times each day. Consider using Tooth Foam or Ipsab powder instead of toothpaste.