sleepToo Many People Take Too Many Drugs I am not a fan of using drugs, especially on children. It is the easy way out and very likely to be the cause of other symptoms, some far worse than the ones that brought a person to the doctor in the first place. Sadly, it has become the standard of care in the 21st century. That means it’s the way help is offered. It doesn’t mean that it’s the manner through which a person has to receive medical help. Individuals can – and should – stand up against the overuse of drugs.

Tell the prescriber “no” when the prescription pad comes out or when samples are offered. Demand clinical evaluations and attention. The prescription pad is effectively a “flick of the wrist dismissal” of your concerns and you don’t have to put up with it. Demand better. If your doctor refuses to help, find another doctor. You have a right to be healthy – and your doctor is the person who is charged with the professional responsibility to help you.

Drugging a person to cover symptoms is not medical help.

We see this overdose of Americans every day, and we’re telling people. The articles in this section focus on situations where drugs, their side effects and their improper prescribing are seemingly out of control.

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