thyroid2Armour Thyroid            Similar dosing amounts

1/4 Grain 15mg             T4  9.5mcg       T3  2.25mcg

1/2Grain 30mg              T4  19mcg        T3  4.5mcg

1Grain 60mg                 T4 38mcg         T3  9mcg

1.5Grain 90mg              T4 57mcg         T3  13.5mcg

2Grain 120mg               T4 76mcg         T3 18mcg


T3= Liothyronine    T4 = Levothyroxine


The Compounder will compound a capsule that is similar to Armour Thyroid.

  1. Thyroid USP compounded can be ordered in any strength or same dosage strengths as Armour Thyroid.
  2. T3/T4 compound can be ordered in any combination of strengths or the dosing amounts noted above.