Shortly after completing 6 decades on this mortal plane, my daughter asked me to write out some of my approaches to health and living a long time. After all, nobody lives forever – right? It seemed like a reasonable request, so I set pen to paper and completed the task.

It isn’t long or complex, and it offers the basic approach I use in my personal life. For example, I abhor the overuse of drugs and the almost manic idea that every ache or pain needs the immediate attention of a doctor or, worse yet, a visit to an emergency room.

While working on this project I realized that many of the topics probably deserve more attention. This first effort is referred to as The UnDruggist, BOOK ONE because I fully intend to do the appropriate follow-ups, BOOK TWO and beyond.

My personal goal is to see a reduction of the use of statin drugs in the United States by 20% by the year 2015. This in itself demands “unpacking” and explanation. Hence, it will probably be the subtitle of BOOK TWO.

I want people to look at health simply and follow basic ideas to stay healthy and live a long time. I fully plan to make it to my late nineties or early one hundreds, and die dancing.

Would you join me?

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See what some of my friends have said about the book:

West Connor: I’m honored to consider Larry Frieders a friend and mentor. His first book was just released. I’ve read it and highly recommend you get it. It’s short, to the point, and full of excellent advice.


Visit West’s website at
Lindsay Heller: Larry: I just finished your book over lunch and I truly, truly enjoyed it. It was straightforward, fun (I’m a sucker for anecdotes), and felt like you were having a conversation with me versus the lecture-like style many writers employ. I felt like I learned a lot without being made to feel bad about my often excessive intake of things I know I shouldn’t have as much I do. (LOL) Now I feel like I have some good tools to finally get myself back on the healthy track.