When a nursing mother has a Candida infection of the nipple, she may experience severe nipple pain, as well as deep breast pain.

The pain caused by a Candida infection is generally different from the pain caused by poor positioning and/or ineffective suckling.

The pain caused by a Candida infection:

  • Is often burning in nature, rather than the sharp, stabbing or pinching pain associated with other causes. Burning pain may be due to other causes, however, and pain due to a Candida infection does not necessarily burn.
  • Frequently lasts throughout the feeding, and occasionally continues after the feeding has ended. This is in contrast to the pain due to other causes that usually hurts most when the baby latches on, and gradually improves as the baby sucks.
  • May radiate into the mother’s armpit or into her back.
  • May cause no change in appearance of the mother’s nipples or areolas, though there may be redness, or some scaling, or the skin of the areola may be smooth and shiny and the nipple may crack.
  • Will often begin after a period of pain free nursing. This characteristic alone is reason enough to try a treatment for Candida.
  • May be associated with recent use of antibiotics by the baby or mother, but not necessarily. But, to be on the safe side, use a quality probiotic every day – twice a day if you are actually talking an antibiotic. Probiotics are safe for BOTH mom and baby. We recommend Florajen 3 at The Compounder.
  • Might be quite severe, may or may not be itchy.
  • Could occur in one breast or nipple only.
  • May occur only in the breast, and NOT in baby. This pain is often described as “shooting”, or “burning” in nature, and is often worse after the feeding is over. It is often said to be worse at night. At the same time, the breast appears or feels normal. This is not mastitis and there is no reason to treat with antibiotics. On the contrary, antibiotics may make the problem worse.

There is a legitimate, safe treatment (for Mom and Baby). Ask your doctor for a prescription for Dr. Jack Newman’s All Purpose Nipple Ointment (APNO). Your local compounding pharmacist can make it for you.

The All Purpose Nipple Ointment requires a doctor’s prescription.