skinI received an email that described how olive oil is a good enough lubricant to be used for shaving. There was a video attached that showed a woman using olive oil to shave her legs. It seemed reasonable so I decided to try it – on my face and bald head. I’ve been using our Total Shaving Solutionfor years and the olive oil seemed like it might be a good, less expensive idea. My test did not turn out the way I would have liked.

The olive oil worked – modestly well – but it was no comparison to our Total Shaving Solution. The shave wasn’t as close. There was more razor “pull”. The whiskers and olive oil clogged the razor and left a sticky mess in the sink when rinsed. In an emergency – when there’s no Total Shaving Solution available – I might grab for the bottle of olive oil again. It wasn’t a bad experience, but our Total Shaving Solution is much better.

My investigations didn’t stop with the shaving experiment. Olive oil (especially extra virgin olive oil – EVOO) is a staple in the kitchen. It took just a little time to discover that people use it for a variety of uses besides cooking.

  • Earaches A friend complained one day that she couldn’t find Sweet Oil at the drugstore. Her grandmother had used it for years to help relieve minor earaches. Sweet Oil is another name for Olive Oil. It softens earwax and makes it easier to flush out. It may relieve minor irritations, but it probably is not a good idea to use it for more than a couple of days because you might be covering up an actual ear infection that must be treated more aggressively. Often, earaches demand the attention of a physician.
  • Makeup Removal What about using Olive Oil on a cotton ball to remove makeup? Yes, it works well. I think it is far superior to any product that might contain chemicals or petroleum distillates (live mineral oil). It doesn’t take much to do the job. Any residue oil is absorbed and it seems to make the skin feel soft and smooth.
  • Skin “Lotion” Consider applying Olive Oil to dry, irritated skin. Dr. Depok Chopra once mentioned that it is good to massage your skin daily with oil. He suggested sesame oil, but I find that Olive Oil also does a very nice job. Just use a drop for each arm, a couple on the legs, and a couple on the torso. Rub it briskly until it is rubbed in well. I’d wager that this would also be a great oil for the baby’s bottom. It is far superior to any product that contains mineral oil or petrolatum.
  • Dry Scalp & Dandruff Apply very small amounts (a drop or two) to help remove flakes and make the skin feel good. It isn’t real greasy so your hair won’t look oily – unless you confuse a drop or two with a puddle. Moderation is good. Using the absolute minimum is better.
  • Itchy Ears – not deep inside and not outside – but the skin right inside the ear, before you descend into the sacred ear canal (the place where you put nothing smaller than your elbow). Place a small amount on a cotton swab and wring it out. Apply just a light film in the ear space. If there is too much wipe the excess out with a tissue. Once a day, after a shower or shampoo, is enough to banish dry skin and itching. This really works.
  • Antiseptic Olive Oil is a natural antioxidant. It is also protective – restaurants often infuse it with herbs and leave it on the table for days on end. The herbs flavor the oil and it doesn’t become rancid. It protects itself. From this one fact I conclude that olive oil should be safe to use on cuts, scrapes, and even scabs. It can make the skin feel soft and it probably protects any damaged skin.