Nicotine Lollipops may help control cravings by delivering nicotine in a non-tobacco form.

The nicotine is absorbed directly through the lining in the mouth, and continues working after you stop using the lollipop. Like most of the commercial anti-smoking gums and lozenges, the Nicotine Lollipop provides an alternative source of nicotine when you are quitting – without exposing the user to the harmful tars and carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke. The Nicotine Lollipop also offers the hand-to-mouth action that seems to be an important part of the smoking habit, and which is missing in the commercially available products.

  • The Compounder pharmacy makes nicotine lollipops that deliver approximately 3.1 mg of nicotine per lollipop.
  • The minimum quantity is six.
  • The flavor is CHERRY.

Your doctor may call in prescriptions, mail them, or send electronically.


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