msPeople with Multiple Sclerosis often contact us to prepare compounded medications for them. MS, like many chronic conditions, is not a single disease. Instead, it is more of a description of a set of symptoms. The symptoms for MS include

  • weakness,
  • lack of muscle control,
  • speech difficulties,
  • “foggy thinking”,
  • bladder difficulties,
  • pain,
  • difficulties with mobility,

…and many more. Some people suffer greatly with many symptoms and they are diagnosed as “having” multiple sclerosis. Others experience a few of the symptoms and they too “have” MS.

MS isn’t something that you can catch from another person. However, some of the information about the condition suggests to us that the symptoms of MS can often be traced to a specific situation or experience. This leads to a conclusion that MS may be a sequelae – or result of – some other condition. Some researchers are looking at bacterial and viral infections as a cause, or “trigger” for MS. The search continues but it seems reasonable that something outside a person attacks the body and begins the degeneration of nerve sheaths that is commonly identified as multiple sclerosis.

Regardless of the cause, MS is considered by most to be a degenerating condition that gets worse over time. A person will experience times when the symptoms seem less severe – only to find that at some time in the future “it” seems to get worse again. These fluctuations are sometimes called remission and exacerbation. This may suggest there are things people could do to slow and maybe halt the progression of MS. A compounding pharmacist can provide many services to the MS patient that can help keep their symptoms under control. While there are a few of “standard” compounds that people use, we are eager and ready to make something to meet your special needs.