msDr. Frederick Klenner demonstrated how vitamin B1 (thiamine) and the elements in the liver extract are reportedly helpful in relieving the symptoms associated with multiple sclerosis. Furthermore, since the 1960s, his advocates have suggested that the vitamins and supplements in these preparations may be more than palliative; they may actually halt the disease.
There is a well-known relationship between B vitamins and neurological functioning and vitamin B1 stands out as one of the more important.

Dr. Klenner understood that vitamin B1 is not well absorbed when taken by mouth. In order to attain levels in the body that are beneficial, a person needs to inject them. It is soluble in water and rapidly cleared from the system so it needs to be replenished daily. A person does well when their intramuscular dose is 200mg (or more) of thiamine. There are numerous vitamin B1 products on the market, but there is none that affords the patient the amount of B1 needed to staunch the problems associated with multiple sclerosis. The oral doses require a person to swallow extreme numbers of tablets or capsules. This is costly and often leads to GI upset. Commercial injections demand amounts far above 1ml. This is difficult to administer – sometimes requiring multiple injection sites per dose. We prepare a sterile compounded thiamine hydrochloride solution that delivers 200mg of thiamine in each 1ml. Our customers inject 1ml daily and return month after month for refills. In addition to vitamin B1, Dr. Klenner advised his patients to inject a liver extract every other day – 4 times a week. Long available injectable liver extracts were removed from the commercial market more than a decade ago. The efforts of just a few compounders – especially The Compounder – have duplicated the commercial liver injections. We have perfected the extraction techniques and have made an excellent preparation available. One-half ml of this is injected four times a week via the intramuscular route.

People who suffer from multiple sclerosis also benefit from taking additional vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B complex, and niacin. The mainstay however is thiamine 200+mg intramuscularly every day and 0.5ml of liver extract injected intramuscularly four days a week.

The vitamin B1 injection is available in sterile vials; 200mg/ml in 30ml. The liver injection is no longer available (2021) available from The Compounder.

We request a prescription for these items.

RX: Compounded Thiamine, 200mg/ml
SIG: Inject 1ml IM daily. May be mixed with liver injection in the same syringe.

RX: Compounded Liver Extract  NO LONGER AVAILABLE from The Compounder
SIG: Inject 0.5ml IM four times a week (Mon Wed Fri Sun). May be mixed with thiamine in the same syringe.

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