kegelControl the Urge to Urinate

It supposedly happens to all men, at some time or another. A recent radio commercial suggested that one out of every two men will begin to experience urinary problems after they’re 40 years old. That seems high, but it doesn’t seem worth quibbling about. The announcer pointed out that the symptoms just don’t go away. Then, proceeded to sell something that is supposed to control “the problem.”

That’s bunk. Scare tactics are useless (and can even be harmful), especially when they’re about an important, private matter. Except in extremely rare situations, any man can do a few simple things to keep the problems under his control. That is far better than allowing the symptoms to control him.

  1. Stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. I know it seems counterproductive to drink MORE water when water seems to be part of the reason you’re making so many visits to the bathroom. But, you need to know that one mechanism the body uses to initiate the urge to urinate is the concentration of dissolved materials in the urine. Nerves in the bladder and sphincter initiate the urge when the bladder is filled and when the urine is too concentrated.A person increases the concentration of their urine when they fail to drink enough water. How much is enough? Shoot for one ounce of liquid for every two pounds of body weight (a 200-pound man would try to consume about 100 ounces of fluid each day – a little over 3 quarts). While that may seem like a lot of water, it works out to be under 10 ounces per hour.
  2. Strengthen your PC MUSCLE with KEGLE EXERCISES. The PC (pubococcygeus) muscles are like every muscle. They can lose tone and get flabby. A flabby PC is NOT a terminal situation. As long as a man is breathing and peeing he can strengthen his PC muscles. Stronger PCs mean better control of the urinary flow. The sooner a man begins to exercise the muscles the quicker he’ll see improvements. Even if it takes a month or more, the benefits are great.
  3. Avoid foods that can act as a diuretic. Caffeine is a common drug and it can easily stimulate the need to urinate. Multiple cups of coffee – or any beverage with caffeine – can make life uncomfortable. The same can be said of alcohol – in all of its forms.

Just because it seems men experience these difficulties doesn’t mean that they can’t happen to a woman. Anyone who finds their urge to go and their ability to control it can benefit from the above; drink water, exercise, avoid diuretics.