estrogenFibrocystic Breasts

I want to hug my husband and children on more than one or two days each month without hurting. It’s getting worse all the time. For a while, I thought the Vitamin E my gynecologist told me to take was helping, but now it’s worse than ever. She tells me it’ll get better after menopause, but that’s fifteen or twenty years away!
This is how one woman described her fibrocystic breast disease.

She went to a doctor when she was seventeen after her breasts started to hurt a little before periods. That doctor said many women have lumpy breasts. The doctor also said there wasn’t anything to do about it. That’s a common doctor’s response when there isn’t a drug handy to prescribe. Instead of searching for a cause and resolving it, patients are usually told that they should “learn to live with it.”

Women find they have to sleep on their chest before their periods, it hurts so badly. In addition, if a lover even touches the breasts… well, it makes sex tricky.

Who is Dr. Myers & What does he have to do with fibrocystic breasts?
Dr. John Myers was a pioneer in the clinical uses of minerals, starting in the 1930s and 40s. He worked out a treatment program for fibrocystic breast disease that substantially reduced or eliminated both the cysts and the symptoms for a very large majority of women.

What is Dr. Myers’ treatment?
Mostly, iodine. However, he applied iodine in different ways according to the severity of the condition. Dr. Myers recommended iodine be swabbed into the vagina followed almost immediately by an intravenous injection of magnesium. He found that placing the iodine as close to the ovaries as possible got the best results. In less severe cases, the women swallowed the iodine, along with magnesium, vitamin E, and vitamin B.

Dr. Myers had doctors bring volunteer patients with severe fibrocystic breast disease to his seminars. He’d have the doctors check them, treat them, and check them again a few minutes afterward. They’d improve. No one could argue with results like that. Frequently, the pain clears up, the swelling is gone, and the cysts become considerably smaller, but they may go away completely. A lot depends on how each individual responds to the treatment.

Where do I start?

  1. Start with a source of iodine. Lugol’s solution was good in the past but the modern version is weaker and requires a prescription. Another option is to buy Iodoral, a tablet form of iodine and iodide. It does NOT require a prescription. You would start with 50mg, two to four times daily for four to eight weeks.
  2. Use a good multivitamin and multi-mineral supplement. Calcium and magnesium are very important – and so is vitamin E. We suggest Alpha Base without Iron or Mitocore, both by Ortho Molecular.
  3. Finally, use a quality progesterone supplement. We suggest transdermal creams that deliver approximately 20mg per dose. See this article about Transdermal Progesterone for details

Once resolved, the fibrocystic condition should not return – unless you stop the supplements. A daily Iodoral with a multivitamin and cycled progesterone can be very helpful in relieving these kinds of problems.

Oh yes, try to avoid caffeine. An excellent hot drink alternative is a slice of lemon in hot water – no sweeteners – just a slice of lemon. Try it.