breastfeedingA large percentage of the female population puts up with intimate feminine issues such as dryness, chronic infection and various menopausal symptoms. If you aren’t receptive to the doctor writing a new prescription for every complaint, there are a number of non-presctiption items The Compounder has compounded to help.
Here are just three of the over the counter products we compound in our lab:

There are numerous underlying causes of vaginal dryness. Common treatment approaches can use hormones, particularly estrogen. There are good reasons for this approach, but it is also possible that something simpler and less risky can help. Upon the request of a doctor we came up with a basic method of adding moisture and lubrication, a suppository. It contains a fatty acid base material that is safe for most women. A user can insert them when needed without fear of side effects. Yes, it is always possible that some women can be sensitive to the base material, but it is indeed rare.

Directions: Insert one in the vagina one or more times daily as needed.

The experts said this wouldn’t work because these suppositories deliver probiotics that are usually associated with the gut, not the vagina. However, at the insistence of a local doctor, we made some and women were quite pleased with the results. Low grade vaginal infections don’t always require potent anti-infective drugs. Sometimes the simple use of “good bacteria” can assist the woman’s body in clearing itself of the offending organisms. We have long suggested using a good probiotic every day – by mouth. Now we can offer similar aid, but intended to work specifically where it is needed.

Directions: Insert one in vagina daily.

The world seems completely convinced that all women need estrogen, especially during and after menopause. The evidence just doesn’t support that belief. In fact, it is far more likely that the woman is experiencing symptoms associated with hormone imbalance directly associated with lower-than-normal progesterone levels. While we support the use of supplemental progesterone – in a cream form – we warn that it is best to not use it every day without a break. In fact, we suggest using it once daily for about 13 days, then twice daily for another 12 to 13 days, then stopping until the first of the next month.

Directions: Follow the enclosed insructions specific to your age.