yogaladyA dermatome is the track a nerve follows from a place on our body to the spinal cord. Dermatomes enter the spinal cord near the vertebrae. If you have pain in an extremity – a finger for example – there is a specific location on your back that is directly associated with the painful site. We find that by applying a small amount of transdermal pain cream to the correct vertebra enhance the effect of the pain relief product.

See the graphic (dermatomes) that describes our dermatome paths and how each location on our body is associated with a specific insertion point on our spinal column. To use the chart, locate the site of your pain and trace where the nerve path terminates on your back. When applying the pain cream to the painful site, apply another small amount (approximately the size of a pea) to the corresponding area on your back. You will notice greatly improved pain relief.dermatome dermatomea dermatomeb