microorganismsWhat’s Stealing Your Get-Up-And-Go?

  • Stress
  • Antibiotic Usage
  • Excessive Sugar and Yeast Consumption
  • Drinking Chlorinated Water
  • Processed Foods

Many people treat themselves for indigestion by swallowing antacids, which neutralize stomach acid, inviting the stomach to produce even more acid, often making things worse.

They might rely on laxatives to relieve constipation and that can lead to diarrhea. When your digestion is not optimal, problems can quickly progress beyond gas and bloating.

When your energy is reduced, your immune system is compromised. Along with chronic indigestion comes chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, chronic muscle pain, recurring yeast infections – and so on.

All nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins and so forth, demand a properly functioning gut for absorption. You can take all the supplements you want but if you can’t absorb the nutrients into your bloodstream you’d starve to death. A vitally important part of our digestion process is the activity of all the billions and trillions of microorganisms in our intestinal tract. The power of friendly bacteria in probiotic supplements can improve your entire digestion system for pennies a day.

When you have the correct balance between friendly and unfriendly microorganisms, your intestinal function runs smoothly, with digestion and metabolism operating at peak levels. I am not suggesting that every problem can be resolved, but it seems reasonable to consider dysbiosis as a contributor to many malfunctioning systems in the body.  Dysbiosis is one of those “ten dollar doctor words” that merely means that your gut isn’t operating efficiently.

Change that. Use a good probiotic, like Florajen3.