No Longer Available from The Compounder – February 25, 2021

Vitamin A and C Eye Drops: 
Vitamin A – 2,500 IU/cc  / Vitamin C – 125 mg/cc, pH adjusted

For over 20 years, Dr. Jonathan Wright had been recommending eye drops made from a combination of vitamin A and C to clear up all types of viral eye infections and to fight allergy symptoms. In fact, Dr. Wright reported that in his practice, this combination has been nearly 100 percent successful for all these conditions.

Dr. Wright explained that Vitamin A and C eye drops are so effective that they have healed three of his patients who were suffering a serious eye infection caused by the herpes zoster virus. (If this condition isn’t healed it often results in blindness.)

You may wonder how a couple of vitamins can so readily fight infection and soothe allergies. According to Dr. Wright, they do something that most medicines can’t do: strengthen the tissues lining the eye. Also, vitamin C on its own in local concentrations kills viruses.

Dr. Wright recommended using 1 or 2 drops in each eye, every 3-4 hours.

Vitamin A and C eye drops need to be prepared fresh every one to three weeks otherwise they oxidize and lose their effectiveness. (This process is signaled by the liquid turning from clear to brown) .

The drops will stay fresher longer if kept in the refrigerator.

A prescription is needed to purchase compounded Eye Drops.

The Compounder Pharmacy no longer compounds the combination eye drop of Vit A with Vit C. As an alternative, we will be able to fill two separate prescriptions, one for Vitamin A  (50,000iu/ml) and another for Vitamin C (125 mg/ml)


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