“I am very careful, and hopefully humble in knowing that I don’t know everything about this disease.” Dr. Anthony Fauci said these words on May 13th during a virtual Senate hearing.

After more than 50 years in the health field, a pharmacy degree, and two additional advanced degrees from reputable universities, I have come to a place where I honestly don’t know what to believe about the COVID situation.  There are too many “sides.”

Having prayed daily and meditated about all these things, I have concluded that my best approach to life in general – and the COVID morass in particular – is to acknowledge the serious nature of the virus and continue living in the best manner possible. 

  1. I CHOOSE to believe that God always supports our best interests.
  2. I CHOOSE to make the decision daily to trust God to handle everything and work to do His will. 
  3. I CHOOSE to do my best to live and love in ways that are supportive rather than divisive. 
  4. I CHOOSE to wear a mask out of respect for people who are honestly fearful about spreading disease. 
  5. I CHOOSE to maintain distances and sanitize my environment as much as possible.
  6. I CHOOSE to believe our president and his medical advisers are doing their best to help all of us get through this pandemic. 
  7. I CHOOSE to believe the research has been done well and that the materials have been handled appropriately and safely. 
  8. I CHOOSE to believe that the virus unintentionally jumped from the animal kingdom into the human population. 
  9. I CHOOSE to believe that the virus was not released on purpose.
  10. I CHOOSE to believe that staying home has been beneficial for our individual and collective health. 
  11. I CHOOSE to believe that medical cures are at hand that might include lifestyle changes, an inexpensive drug from decades ago, or even a new drug.
  12. I CHOOSE to believe that businesses, schools, churches, restaurants, and sports venues will soon return to normal. 
  13. I CHOOSE to believe that we will all be able to step back, breathe, and help others avoid anxiety, fear, and stresses that could lead to increased hostility, domestic violence, and suicide. 
  14. I CHOOSE to believe all the contrary blogs, videos, and posts on social media are bogus and focused solely on establishing and maintaining uncertainty and conflict.
  15. I CHOOSE to believe that there is no longer any value for me in participating in the conspiracy theories. In fact, what’s going on “out there”  is out of my control. I am, however, fully responsible for what I consume and how I respond to it.

If anyone is looking for me, I’m at The Compounder pharmacy Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.


  • I wear a mask when I’m outside my BUBBLE.
  • I wash my hands and sanitize my environment.
  • I do my best to stay out of everyone’s face.

Larry J. Frieders
340 Marshall, Unit 100 ~ Aurora, IL 60506