The United States spends nearly 50% more on health care than any other nation — 14.9% of its economic output in 2002 vs. 10.9% in Germany, 9.6% in Canada, 9.7% in France and 7.7% in the United Kingdom. U.S. health costs are on a trajectory to consume 18.4% of every dollar spent by 2013.

Here are a few more points to ponder – and be concerned about;

  • Health-insurance premiums jumped an average 40% from 2000 through 2003 – and increases continue to this day. “Managed Care” – the darling of the Clinton era – was supposed to halt this growth. Yeah, RIGHT!
  • Two-thirds of 4,600 small-business owners in a recent survey ranked health costs as their top problem.
  • Large companies increasingly complain that they are at a disadvantage in the global marketplace because of the rising health tab.
  • Large and small businesses have put off hiring or held back on wage increases because of it. This can stall economic recovery.
  • Two in five adults — both those with and without health insurance — had problems paying medical bills last year.

It’s Our Own Fault! Individually, few Americans think they are responsible for their own health. We look to the government and the insurance companies for guidance (they’re the ones who pay the bills). We gulp down handfuls of drugs and hope our symptoms will go away. We eat tainted food and drink contaminated water. Chronic diseases like MS and autism are on the rise and everyone thinks there will be a cure – if only we spend enough money to find the drug that will take away the problem.

There aren’t cures “out there” to be discovered. All we need to learn about serious chronic disease is already known. The evidence is staggering that disease is the result of some pretty basic stuff. And our present medical paradigm ignores the obvious. We favor drugs, radiation and surgery instead of the basics for health.

One doctor states that ALL disease is the result of malnutrition, dehydration, and stress. (Dr. Lorraine Day)

While that’s a gross over-simplification, but there is some truth to it. Think about these;

  • Autism has been linked to thimerosol for years, yet the vaccines with thimerosol are still on the market. The absolute number of cases is small and it seems to be too costly to either change the vaccines or remove them.
  • There is strong evidence that poorly made amalgam fillings can release mercury into a person’s body and cause neurological symptoms that resemble multiple sclerosis. You can still get amalgam fillings at most dental offices and the ADA staunchly defends them.
  • We’re told that if people were less obese there’d be less disease. But WHAT CAUSES OBESITY! I know people who eat little and exercise – but they’re still fat. Something else is going on.
  • Diets don’t work because our everyday food is what’s making us fat. I think obesity is closely linked to estrogen-like substances in the water and food supply.
  • You’d think with all the diet sweeteners on the shelves we’d be getting thinner. The more diet products we consume the fatter we get.
  • People use antacids and drugs to relieve digestion problems. The stomach was designed to contain acid yet we fill it with chemicals that counteract it! The drugs used to lower acid have estrogen-like side effects!
  • Instead of removing useful acid from our stomachs with drugs why don’t we figure out how to get the digestive system working properly. The cure is based on re-establishing balance in the gut.
  • Fluoride is a toxic substance and we find it in almost every tube of toothpaste and bottle of mouthwash.
  • Chlorine is a dangerous chemical that’s in almost every glass of tap water.
  • Drugs like fluoxetine (Prozac) have been found in fish and in drinking water.
  • Rocket fuel (perchlorate) has been found on lettuce fields.
  • Fruits and vegetables are coated with pesticides that are hard to remove. They kill bugs and act like estrogens in our bodies. Estrogens make tissue grow. Eat more estrogen and you’ll grow more tissue.

Every politician rants about health care but none of them are able to actually DO anything about it.

We have to stop depending on THEM to help US. The government is unreliable because it is composed of humans who have agendas that don’t always match our own.

Think about this. Who REALLY cares more about your health, YOU or your representative in Washington? Given the choice between saving your butt or theirs, who do you think any politician would try to save first?

That doesn’t mean that they’re bad people. I’d probably save my butt before I’d worry about someone else too. I think all but a few saints would do the same. To think anyone can solve my health problems for me is stupid. Other people, like doctors and politicians, might help, but they can’t do it FOR ME.

As long as I turn to someone else for my health, I will not be healthy. When I take full responsibility, I stand a better chance. I’m 100% responsible for me.