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Do you sell any supplements that you recommend for people who do not want to take the statin drugs, but have cholesterol issues? My father-in-law took something that worked well for him.

I have heard not to worry about the numbers, but I thought a supplement is worth a try.

Larry’s Response:

We live in a world where we feel the need to “take something” to counteract whatever problems may arise. This is particularly true of the cholesterol mania that grips so many doctors and their patients.

Years ago when someone wanted to avoid statins, doctors would suggest red yeast rice. It worked because it actually contained a statin drug, albeit a non-synthetic version of a statin. This was preferable because it was a “natural product” rather than being produced in a laboratory or factory. While red yeast rice is still available, it no longer contains the statin component.

Today there’s a multi-prong approach consisting of supplements, diet, and exercise. Most alternative medicine folk suggest a combination of the following;

  • Eat fatty fish (salmon, mackerel, sardines) or take fish oil
  • Avoid processed sugars
  • Avoid wheat
  • Enjoy red wine and tea
  • Exercise

…and don’t fret over cholesterol numbers.

It is far better to be healthy than to use drugs to reverse normal levels of cholesterol. The above suggestions help a person achieve and maintain health. Sadly, this advice conflicts with the norm.

The FDA has approved a new drug that is pure Omega 3 oil – similar to what’s in fish oil, but more potent. The trade name is Vascepa. It costs approximately $300 per month and is claimed to reduce triglycerides as Omega 3 does. Several of our customers use a quality Omega product called Orthomega to achieve dramatic drops in their levels and the price is approximately one-tenth that of the prescription version.

If you are in interested in lowering triglycerides, consider a trial of Orthomega before jumping headlong into a prescription for Vascepa.