A reader forwarded a link today to an article titled, PROBIOTIC PRODUCTS ARE NOT GLUTEN FREE AFTER ALL.

While that is a fascinating premise, is it true, especially for the products we sell? Our primary probiotic is Florajen by American Lifeline, Inc.. I forwarded the link to the article and received a telephone response within ten minutes.

Dave Sullivan, the bacteriologist at American Lifeline, stated, “No. Quality probiotics should not contain gluten. Florajen does not contain gluten.”

That’s good enough for me. I’ve known Dave for more than a decade and we have always stocked the American Lifeline products.

The message for everyone, then, is to use only QUALITY PROBIOTICS. While quality is often associated with high cost, such is not the case with Florajen. Not only is it an excellent, high-potency probiotic, but it is exceptionally affordable. Read more about Florajen 3 on our website.