Ask Larry:

Your Question: Trimix works well for me, but it makes orgasm very difficult, as I have seen reported on other message boards. Suggestions?

Larry’s Response: Erections and orgasms are directly linked to each other, yes, but physiologically different. Neither causes the other and each can occur without the other.

Men who suffer priapism have a perpetual, and often painful, erection even when there is no intention for sex. Mere stimulation of said erection can be anything but pleasurable and the likelihood of an orgasm is near zero.

Think of the almost manic focus on orgasms for women and recognize that the mere act of sex doesn’t automatically assure a pleasant climax. If you browse enough magazines and websites you can discover that it is very common for women to engage in sex and “fake” their orgasm.

In the obverse, some men and women report that they can experience orgasm without any physical stimulation of the sex organs. Yes, it is rare, but not impossible. Practitioners of Tantra Sex, for example, believe that  the point of sex is not orgasm, but only to feel. They extend all aspects of sex and intentionally avoid orgasm.

In addition to these possible explanations for your question, it is possible that the drugs used in Trimixhave cause diminished sensitivity of the penis.

Also, excess engorgement over extended periods of time can easily exert too much pressure, which can numb sensation – similar to the kind of tingling or numbness you can experience when sitting with your legs crossed for too long. As is usual, too much of a good thing can be a bad thing; too hard for too long too often might be a game changer because the end result, orgasm, is too difficult to achieve and not as pleasing as expected.

Sex is more than the mere sexual act, which often brings about orgasm, but certainly not every time it is engaged in.