Ask Larry:

Your Question: Can you tell me if this is safe? Fremantle leaf extract, wild olive leaf extract, forming seed extract, horsemeat leaf extract – they are listed along with Gastonia Cambogia for weight loss. Is this safe if you have high blood pressure? It is supposed to be stimulant free.

Larry’s Response: Fremantle leaf extract and wild olive leaf extract are listed as being the same product. It is claimed to have antibiotic and general anti-infective properties. There are not many research articles to support them, however.

I have not come across information about this product being useful for weight loss.

Forming seed extract is associated with grapefruit seed extract. This product is often used as a preservative in topical preparations, such as cosmetics. People who take prescription drugs are often warned about problems associated with grapefruit in combination with their drugs. It increases the activity of some drugs and decreases some others.

I would advise people who take drugs to not consume grapefruit products without checking with their doctor.

I presume Horsemeat leaf extract is actually horsemint leaf extract. Like other members of the mint family, teas made from horsemint are often used to calm the stomach. I wouldn’t expect it to be particularly harmful in small doses. Some recipes suggest 10 drops in warm water to calm the GI tract.

I presume Gastonia Cambogia is actually Garcinia Cambogia. It is a tropical fruit sometimes called Malabar tamarind. It has been shown to burn fat, but not in amounts worthy of mention – except for people who are selling weight loss supplements that contain it. It has also been shown to alter blood sugar levels and diabetics using diabetes drugs are warned against using garcinia cambogia products.

While the ingredients are relatively safe on their own, there is no way for me to evaluate them when combined and when taken with other drugs and supplements. In 40+ years I have never found any supplements that will actually help a person lose weight.

I have found, though, that completely eliminating wheat and wheat products will cause significant and long term weight loss. There are no negative health side effects from eliminating wheat.