It’s been a Beautiful Fall!

Of course we don’t expect it to last. Some folks fear the cold – or that Polar Vortex hokum  – not just for the lower temperatures. Cold outside means we’ll all be spending more time indoors and often with other people. This is the season where we all get to share in the feast of germs because we can’t exist in a bubble.

We send the kids off to schools where they can be gifted with a host of creepy crawlies. But, let’s not pile all the blame on the young ones. Let’s not forget the theaters, restaurants, shopping malls, and even the churches. If someone has something he/she will pass it along. These are problems until we build up our immune system.

To boost your immunities eat well, drink extra clean water, exercise, supplement with extra Vitamin D, and of course avoid drugs. There is something we suggest for the times when we feel we’ve been exposed a little too much – perhaps the sniffles have already started.

Healthy Immune is a powerful combination of herbs, vitamins, and minerals that can help support our Killer Cells, increase our antioxidant levels, and generally support a balanced immune system.

Mix one packet of powder (comes 24 packets to a box) with 16 ounces of water and use it as part of your increased water intake.

Be certain to use at least 16 ounces. Otherwise, the taste just too strong. There are no artificial colors, or artificial sweeteners.

Drink a couple of packets in water every day.

Read more about Healthy Immune here.