My son sent me over an article on that mentioned Google’s decision to enter into the medical field. I would be doing myself and my family a disservice if I did not comment on such a topic.

Like the government, Google assumes that they can collect relatively accurate data about diseases and people.

They fail to understand that:

  • Doctors usually only have a list of 10 to 20 diagnostic codes they apply regularly (usually the ones that pay the most without too much oversight).
  • Additionally, lab tests are faulty (especially for lipid soluble substances like hormones).
  • And people lie.
  • Add in that some people heal spontaneously.
  • Some die from other causes, but are still identified with the diagnosis that they started with.
  • Some people with cancer die from a heart attack, for example, but the cause of death is likely to be cancer.

Merely spending billions of dollars while depending on faulty data is foolish. Google stock is not something I’d want to own when they start to crunch the data they collect.

To further complicate the project and place it in a totally different universe, we need to recognize that genetic makeup is not the primary control factor for health and disease. Most learned people know that genetic expression is not fixed, but adjusted by the mind/spirit of the person – and maybe people around the person.

Google’s initial choice about staying away from health care is probably the best. There are smart people at Google and if they say this is the new approach they are not telling the whole story.

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Money is another form of power. Follow the money and discover why Google is switching gears. On the other hand, they just might be ignorant – but I doubt it.