Ask Larry:

Your question: I’ve been reading some about turmeric/curcumin. Could you tell me the difference between turmeric and curcumin, and which one is better for anti-inflammatory effects? Also, is it true that it’s better absorbed if it contains black pepper? Thanks!

Larry’s Response: Curcumin is reported to be the active ingredient in turmeric, a root often used as a flavor or a spice. It is in the ginger family. It has good anti-inflammatory effects and also seems good for the heart and cardiovascular system.

All substances of this type dilate blood vessels and improve the ability to deliver oxygen to joints and remove toxins more quickly.

Curcumin capsules are convenient to use and I assume they deliver the majority of the activity in the actual turmeric. However, it seems using the actual root in cooking would give superior results. We mix ginger and/or turmeric with our juicing and in some smoothies, and we usually take the commercial products.

I am convinced that it helps and will continue using it every day.

I doubt if anyone has actually studied the impact of black pepper on absorption of curcumin. However, I have actually been thinking about making a combination capsule of organic turmeric powder, black pepper and wasabi – thinking that if one hot substance was good three would be even better.

In days of old we didn’t need supplements like this because our foods delivered what we needed. The stuff we eat these days is referred to as food but that’s a misnomer.

I hope this answers your questions.

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